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A Bigger World

I cringed at Google’s new approach to personalized searches. The idea that content on Google+ and social media content created by my friends would be given more weight than other sources sounded absurd. If I wanted to get information from this group of people, all I had to do was ask, not search.

What if I am seeking an alternative point of view? I, like most people, am surrounded by like-minded people. One of the benefits of the Internet is that it opens up the world. Ideas, opinions, lifestyles that I never would have been exposed to without the Internet are right before me to learn from and explore.

I do not understand why Google would consider narrowing the user’s world to that which is familiar. Luckily, there is a way to turn off these personalized searches: how to turn off google personalized search

I could see a benefit to being able to narrow a search to friends. This morning I was looking for a specific Twitter post but Google personalized search wouldn’t have come up with results from Twitter anyway.

More often, I’m going online to seek a broader world. I am grateful to be living in an age where I can gather information from far ranging resources and I hope Google continues to provide the service that takes me to new places.


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