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So iThought

As I grew more and more confused as to where to start with various projects that all link together, I thought, ‘I need a visual mapping tool.’ Kind of strange for a non-visual person. Initially, I tried to turn to Inspiration, a software product I’ve had for years and used for several small projects. I’ve never really been happy with it so when it failed to launch on my new computer, I had an excuse to look elsewhere.

I turned to my iPad and entered the ever magical world of the App Store. Searching led me to various mind mapping applications and I read the reviews both in the app store and on different websites. One app was the clear leader: iThoughts

I hesitated at the $9.99 price tag – the cheap Yankee in me still shows up on occasion – but the reviews and screen shots made it pretty clear that this was the product I was looking for so I pressed the BUY button.

I just reviewed the help/get started screen and I am very excited about putting iThoughts to work. As I mentioned earlier, I am not a visual person. iThoughts offers a perfect combination of language, images and ease of use to which I will compare other apps.


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2 thoughts on “So iThought

  1. Kay (@cay_anchor) on said:

    Now to hear how often you use it and how it improves your life; was considering the neuYear a full year visualized on half a wall…..from
    Also not visual person and struggling with visual-based brain games on Lumosity, so eager to hear follow-up on using iThought!!

    • smiller on said:

      I like the look of the neuyear calendar but it wouldn’t be helpful to me. I’ll keep you posted on how things go with iThought.

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