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I’m Not Whining

Winter has sucked the life out of me. The darkness isn’t romantic or poetic, just dark. I’ve gotten rather tired of complaining about the cold. Then I realized – I’m not complaining. I am surviving. By speaking out distaste for this cruel season, we establish solidarity. If we stick together in this manner, we will soon arrive at Spring. No whining.


Some Days are Strange

Yesterday I was in my boss’ office waiting for him to finish a phone call and sort out some email. The west-facing windows framed a clear view of Denali. I sent a text to my friend in New Jersey to tell her about this amazing view. She was in the waiting room of a doctor’s office where her friend was texting from the exam room.

My boss took a deep breath and explained why he was at loose ends. He had made final decisions about reorganizing and had to let someone go that morning.

My text conversation continued later and my friend relayed that her friend would have to see a specialist. That is scheduled for February 3. Two and a half weeks?!

The Hat


My colleague, Kristie, bought this hat and it was too small so I bought it from her. Hats always make me think of THE HAT by Tomi Ungerer.

Hats are true heroes. They can lift you up and make you stand out. They can hide your eyes and make you invisible. Hats are life’s most heroic accessory.

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