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Miller Homestead

At long last, it is time to sell the Miller Homestead. Consider 22 wooded acres in a small community in upstate New York. Surrounded by peace and beauty, what amazing inspiration you could find in this environment. This home is far enough off the beaten path that you can feel the solitude of the starry night but a short 2 1/2 hour drive south and you’ll find yourself in the heart of New York City.

Attached two car garage, plenty of natural light, wood burning fireplace are waiting for you to make this house you retreat. Just think about it. The Miller Homestead will be on the market come March.


Remains of Life

In the weird cubby-hole by the fireplace there is a decorative box. In the box are the ashes. The ashes are just a bit of the remains of my mother and father.

These remains don’t trigger any memories or nostalgia. They really are just ashes and don’t do much as far as representing Mom and Dad. But there are other things that bring vivid pictures or feelings to mind:

  • Mom’s silver that she counted after every use and kept in impeccable condition
  • Reels and reels of 8mm film that brings to mind my father holding the camera with that damn blinding light
  • Drafting tools that Dad had in college long before computers
  • Books from my childhood

These remains are museum pieces of quiet, gentle and peaceful lives. They leave behind pain and struggle. It’s not a lie. After all the sifting, the gold is left in the pan.


What will 2011 Leave Behind

The “Den of Cooties” (that’s the name John gave to my craft room) is nearing complete organization. I have a closet with wrapping and sewing. Shelves with model trains and scratch building materials. Dedicated space for craft tools and paper. A clear work space.

For two years my life has been chaos that deeply affected me but was out of my control. Now I am finally able to, have the energy to, give attention to myself and my environment. I am now able to be in my life.



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