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Apparently because I’d told friends “nothing happened today” one too many times, karma sent me and Angus to the Pet ER yesterday. He was limping when he came in from his evening outing on Wednesday and had gotten progressively worse. When I had to carry him to his breakfast on Friday morning, I had to face the fact that this wasn’t just going to go away.

At the ER, they sedated him and Dr. Diederich narrowed down the source of the problem to the middle toe. They had to really knock him out to determine that the nail had broken at the nail bed and would have to be removed. I waited, relieved that the injury  (though costly) was minor.

Angus and I came home, he sleepy with drugs, me exhausted with the release of stress. I’ll have to muzzle him to remove his cool neon green bandage but it’s time and I am that brave.

I am very grateful for the doctors and staff at PET. This visit was the second in as many weeks and Dr. Diederich saw Angus on both occasions. The way she approaches Angus and her willingness to fully explain both the problem and the solution are compassion, professionalism and respect in action.


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