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The Speed of Change

Mom passed away two weeks ago today. John accepted a job at KETC in St. Louis. The car is prepared and packed and he’ll be on the road by 9:00 tomorrow morning. Here is more about our transition from Alaska living to … Missouri? Really? It Came from the North.

I told my boss I”ll be leaving. We established priorities but that doesn’t ease my mind.

I could really use a change of speed.


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3 thoughts on “The Speed of Change

  1. kayvreeland on said:

    Your current bout with endings and grief takes me back into the reason I am here in AK at loose ends–came to care for Mom who died at 91 and find myself still dealing with endings without a new beginning. I turn to the written word in these cases and have 2 that are mainstays: Meghan O’Rourke in the New Yorker earlier this month on “Good Grief”– and William Bridges’ original “Transitions” especially Chapter 4: “Endings” Maybe something in them will be useful?

  2. kayvreeland on said:

    Rats, messed up the “Transitions” link to Google Books — it is and the clickable one above is to the Meghan O’Rourke article….. I swear by those two pieces. “Transitions” is my mainstay. Take good care.

  3. Thank you Kay.

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