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Spamalot in Anchorage

Just go see it.

The cast is dynamic and energetic. And they can tap! The costumes range from peasant drab to psychedelic 70’s and the music is simply fun. There isn’t anything deeply moving about the production so don’t expect to come away weeping or with a brand new perspective. But it’s safe to assume you’ll come away smiling.

If you’re socially conservative, leave it at the door. If you’ve never heard of Monty Python before, you’ll still enjoy the show. If you are concerned about the ethical treatment of animals working in theatre, there aren’t any.

Ticket prices are high by the standards of most Anchoragite’s. Considering the cost of travel for a production, paying the sizable cast and crew, we are lucky to have Anchorage Concert Association to bring quality shows to our city. You might consider the ticket price an investment not only in this production but also in the future of theatre in Anchorage.

Note: I am not being paid by the producers of Spamalot, Anchorage Concert Association or and affiliates thereof.

Thank you to the cast of Spamalot for their energy and quality talent. Each member seemed to be fully enjoying themselves, giving their character a full life, no matter how silly it might be. There is no greater gift an actor can give to an audience. And all we can give in return is applause.

More information at the Anchorage Concert Association; tickets for sale through Centertix.


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2 thoughts on “Spamalot in Anchorage

  1. Duncan on said:

    Well said! I enjoyed it immensely.

  2. Jacque on said:

    Here, here. Fabulous show, extraordinary cast. Just go see it.

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