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People of Joy

My determined effort to encourage some brave soul to take away my receptionist has failed. No surprise. I’ve never been a good salesperson and this offer was a challenge that could be taken on by only the most brave and kind person. I am grateful to all who gave it even the most fleeting consideration.

Putting all my complaining and discomfort aside, I’ll be honest: the people in my life I want to keep far outnumber the ones I would like to be free from.

My husband is a keeper. I am beyond grateful that he is in my life. He’s nice sometimes and thoughtful and he makes me laugh. More importantly, he does the laundry. Even more important than that, I love him. If I expand on this, I’ll get far to personal and share more information than I want everyone to know so moving on…

The best friend I have ever had in my entire life is Kelli. While I was away she painted my office and I and unable to express how amazing it is. I would have thought a simple, one-color paint-job was fantastic. She went wild! Purple and orange (two shades) and gold and black and sky blue. She even painted the heat registers.

Frances is an inspiration. Her attitude toward her work and caring for other people are qualities I admire. I have never known anyone who is so deeply sincere in their values.

Michael is the friend in my life whom I’ve known the longest. The time we spend together is filled with deeply personal openness. He is a good, kind and gentle soul and I wish he could appreciate himself.

I hope each of these friends will be with me throughout my life. They are the very  definition of joy.


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