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The Curmudgeon

We have a receptionist at work who is a curmudgeon. Her mood is palpable the minute you enter the building and her mood is never sunshine and rainbows. Whenever someone asks her to change the way she handles something, she rages endlessly about how that person yelled at her. She lives in constant fear of “getting in trouble” if she does something wrong.

A donor who brought in some gifts around Christmas said she’ll never donate again because of the way the receptionist treated her. When she answers the phone, she sounds as if she resents the caller. I could analyze her behavior until I earned a doctorate but the bottom line is this…

I need her to go away.

Due to the dysfunctional functionality of my workplace, there is no logical solution to either getting the receptionist to improve or getting her to leave. So I turn to you, my intertube support. Here is my plea:

Will someone please walk in and offer her a job. She does have some worthwhile skills but I’m not going to try to convince you to participate for any logical reason. I’m asking for a serious bit of personal charity. If you have a job opening where you could put this woman to work long enough for us to fill the position with someone more personable, you would be doing a favor to me, all of my colleagues, everyone who enters the building and especially everyone who calls.

If you are impervious to the moods of others, you may find this woman useful. Do not expect computer skills. If you need someone to do collections, straighten out issues with vendors, be persistent and pushy, she’s the one for you. But mostly you should hire her because you are a hero. Yes, you are.

Thank you in advance for your kindness.


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One thought on “The Curmudgeon

  1. Rachel on said:

    So funny! I completely understand your feelings. I have met many people like this and they drive me insane!

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