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So Many Books

Three or four… maybe five years ago I was determined to organize my personal library. After looking at various systems, I went with the low-cost Delicious Library. Then I spent days entering ISBN’s and scanning bar codes. The scanning system didn’t work very well and I have some obscure titles and relics that don’t have either a bar code or an ISBN. Ultimately Delicious Library did the job. I had a complete listing of the books in my possession.

Then I forgot about it. Bought a bunch more books. Moved again. Acquired nice bookshelves. Delicious Library moved from an older iBook to my new MacBook without complaint. And so it sat there…

Until tonight. I downloaded the upgrade and got to work. Wow! Fantastic improvements. The bar code scanning with the iSight camera is accurate. The feature that allows you to search for cover art and then drag & drop it onto the book image is a joy. I hated to stop adding and updating but I do need some sleep.

My main use of Delicious Library is keeping track of books. But it has the ability to catalog games, dvd’s, cd’s and even iTunes purchases. It’s fun to use and so remarkably user friendly that I wish their developers would tutor Microsoft’s developers in how to keep the end-user in mind when writing code.

Developers such as these make life so much easier. They may not ultimately cause world peace but they do have a positive impact on the user’s peace of mind.


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